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Fat Grafting Side Effects

Fat grafting procedures like Brazilian butt lift are considered one of the safest procedures in the aesthetic world. The required amount of fat cells is extracted from candidates’ bodies and injected inside the body area where the candidates desire a good deal of fullness.

People think that medical-grade silicone injection inside the body does not provide a good natural result for anybody. They have a right to think so because medical silicones are really noticeable, especially silicone-breasts are the easiest ones to spot. Fat grafting gives more natural results, however, since it’s a cosmetic procedure, fat grafting side effects are sometimes inevitable.

Most complications are results of people’s poor post-surgery. For example, the best way to recover from surgery wounds in a good and faster way is to stay at home. All surgeons suggest that patients stay at home especially during their early recovery. However, not all people follow their doctor’s rules all the time. For example, most surgeons do not allow their penile augmentation patients to have sex and swim during the early days of their recovery. However, people sometimes can’t wait to use their new penis and may act unwisely.

A wounded penis should rest and do not involve any action that makes it sweat. Forcing your penis tissue to sweat in a situation like that may result in penile augmentation failure. Besides, there is always infection risk when it comes to getting an aesthetic, plastic, and cosmetic surgery. Infection is the worst thing that could ever happen to a fat grafting procedure candidate.

Swelling and itching are the most common fat grafting complications. Especially swelling may occur in severe levels and people may think that their procedures have failed. However, the best thing to do is to visit your doctor and learn the truth before you do anything stupid ( taking medicine without your doctor’s knowledge. )

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