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Risks Of Tummy Tuck Procedure


The number of people who are worried about having a tummy tuck surgery is gradually increasing. Although tummy tuck surgery is one of the simplest and safest cosmetic procedures, it may involve some risks like any other cosmetic surgery operation.

Tummy Tuck Procedures in a Nutshell

Tummy Tuck is a surgery that brings liposuction and skin lift procedures together. Skin lifts and liposuction procedures in the stomach region are part of a tummy tuck operation. So, we can divide Tummy Tuck surgeries into two stages. The first stage is liposuction, the second stage is skin lifting. These procedures might have their own set of potential complications, which may also occur during a tummy tuck operation.

The liposuction procedure involves removing excess fat with the help of a cannula. After that, excess fat is vacuumed with a surgical instrument. The wounds are stitched together, and you may need at least 2 months for your scars to heal.

The task of skin lifting entails removing excess skin that is causing the individual to sweat excessively. Rapid weight loss can cause saggy or saggy skin, which cannot be treated with invasive methods. As a result, skin stretching is unavoidable when this occurs.

Tummy Tuck Risk List

Both cosmetic procedures have risks, and all of them are linked to the tummy procedure. The majority of them are uncommon, but they can be found in anyone. The following is a list of these issues:

  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Itching
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Bruising

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