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Tummy Tuck Complications

The number of people who would like to get a tummy tuck procedure has been increasing day by day. When all of the non-invasive methods fail to achieve the results you would like to see, the standard invasive tummy tuck procedure comes to your mind. The tummy tuck is one of the safest and least complicated cosmetic procedures in the world. However, just like all the other plastic surgery procedures, tummy tuck complications can not be ignored simply.

In order to know something about tummy tuck complications, you should first understand what are the main elements of a tummy procedure. A tummy tuck procedure involves skin lift jobs and liposuction procedures in the abdominal area of a person. These procedures have their own possible complication risks and it is also possible to encounter them during a tummy tuck procedure. So what are the risks of liposuction and abdominal skin lift jobs? Are they severe? Let’s talk about them more in our post.

Lipo and Skin-Lift Complications

A liposuction procedure involves the extraction of the excess fat with the help of a cannula. After that, the excess fat is vacuumed by a surgical instrument. The wounds are sutured together and the person needs at least 2 months to recover from his / her wounds.

A skin-lift job involves the removal of the excess skin in which the person suffers from excess fat. A droopy or saggy skin may be resulted because of a speedy weight loss and can not be cured with invasive methods. So a skin-lift job becomes inevitable when such a thing happens.

Both cosmetic procedures have some complications and they are all associated with the tummy procedure. Most of them are rare, but they can still be seen in every person. Here are the list of these complications:

  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Itching
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Bruising

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