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Tummy Tuck Eligibility

If you want to get the best abdominal, you need to meet certain requirements for tummy tuck eligibility for sure. Tummy tuck procedures are always thought to be something like fat removal surgery but it’s not. It is true that it gets help from a couple of procedures like liposuction but the main objective of a tummy tuck procedure is to give a good shape to the abdominal area.

Excess fat cells are not only enemies of a tummy tuck candidate. A tummy tuck involves the reconstruction of the abdominal skin the most. That’s why most tummy tuck candidates are those who suffer from excess and loose skin. The excess skin on the abdominal area is removed and the remaining sides of the skin are sutured together during a standard tummy tuck procedure.

The most important thing that is associated with tummy tuck eligibility is skin elasticity. Not every person has the same kind of skin for sure. Some people have elastic skin while some do not. The surgeons need elastic skin for the skin removal procedure during a tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck procedure is a combination of skin lift and fat removal procedures. It aims to provide the best appearance to the abdominal of a patient. First, the excess fat cells are extracted with the help of liposuction, then the excess skin is removed and the wounds are sutured.

If you’re not so eligible for a tummy tuck and undergo it anyway, you may suffer from some complications. For example, you may suffer from tissue death which is called ” skin necrosis “. A skin death is a terrible complication and is reversible as well. It can only be concealed with tattoos or advanced aesthetic procedures but none of them can’t make any difference in its status, once it’s dead, it’s dead.

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