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Tummy Tuck FAQs

It is very easy to describe tummy tuck procedures for some people. You can simply say it’s the combination of liposuction and skin lift procedures. It’s true but there are numerous questions that people still do not know the answers. Tummy tuck FAQs are quite a lot despite the fact that the procedure itself is not that complicated. Here are the most common questions that are associated with the famous cosmetic procedure:

  • Is tummy tuck a weight-loss method?
  • When can I undergo a tummy tuck procedure?
  • Where can I undergo a tummy tuck procedure?
  • Are there so many complications that can be seen after a tummy tuck?
  • Who is the best candidate for a tummy tuck procedure?
  • What can candidates achieve with a tummy tuck procedure?
  • How many kinds of a tummy tuck are there?
  • What are the risks of tummy tuck procedures?
  • Is age an important tummy tuck eligibility factor?
  • How long does it take to recover from tummy tuck wounds?

A tummy tuck is not a weight-loss method. It shapes your abdominals with the help of liposuction and skin lift. It will not solve your obesity problem. Tummy tuck procedures can be performed in aesthetic clinics and hospitals at any time. However, summertime can be dangerous during your recovery since you will not be allowed to expose your body to sunlight and water for some time.

If you do not have any skin and heart disease, then you’re more likely to be eligible for a tummy tuck procedure. If you are too young ( under 18 ) or too old, it may be dangerous to your overall health and result in permanent and unrepairable damage to your body. Both mini and full tummy tuck procedures can be performed on people who are considered eligible.

Swelling, bruising, inflammation, redness, itching, and infections are the complications that are associated with tummy tuck procedures. Infection and bruising are very rare but they do happen.

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