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Tummy Tuck Infection

The more an aesthetic procedure gets invasive, the more the risk of side effects increases. A tummy tuck is an invasive procedure in which liosuctiction and skin-lift jobs are performed in order to provide a good shape to the candidate’s body. Since it involves multiple aesthetic procedures, the risk of complications also increases. Tummy tuck infection is rare but it is not impossible. We know that there are people out there who have experienced severe tummy tuck infections because of several reasons. We would like to take a close look at the tummy tuck and the infection relation in our post.

When you go to a plastic surgeon, you generally do not say that you want a tummy tuck procedure. A tummy tuck is the main term used to define the aesthetic procedure that involves the reconstruction of your abdominal area. If you are not happy with the appearance and shape of your abdominal area, you may need to get a couple of aesthetic jobs. However, not all people are the same, and not all the surgeons have the same skills. You may experience infection over your tummy tucked area because of several reasons.

Reasons For Tummy Tuck Infection

Most infections are seen during tummy tuck recovery. People are told everything that they should do during their recovery but they do not obey these rules completely. For example, they want to take a bath before the right time comes. Surgeons say that a tummy tuck patient should not take a bath during the first 5 days of the recovery.

The other most common thing that causes infection over tummy tucked area is sunlight exposure. People just go outside and expose themselves to sunlight. The abdominal area is still healing and the ultraviolets in the sunlight affect the incision area of it. If you do not want to experience severe scarring and infection, just stay away from sunlight or apply sunscreen to your body.

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