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Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy Tuck is considered one of the safest aesthetic procedures ever. However, one should understand that surgeons perform multiple procedures during a tummy tuck. Liposuction and skin-lift jobs are done during a standard tummy tuck procedure. So this affects the recovery state as well. Tummy tuck recovery needs extra care because the procedure itself is really a highly invasive one.

If you know how to take care of yourself after liposuction or a skin-lift job, then you already know everything that you should about tummy tuck recovery. Your recovery time may change depending on your age, skin colour and type, overall health condition, immune system and metabolism.

Things To Be Done During Tummy Tuck Recovery

If you underwent an invasive procedure whether it’s invasive or not, you should consume lots of water during your recovery. Water is the most essential thing in our life and you don’t need to undergo surgery just to increase your water consumption. During your everyday life, you should balance the water consumption.

Alcohol and smoking are your worst enemy after an invasive surgery like a tummy tuck. Your body needs regeneration and alcohol increases dehydration in your body which is the last thing you want to encounter during your recovery. As for smoking, you already know how dangerous it is to your health.

Sunlight is very dangerous to your wound and incisions. It has Xrays and ultraviolets that may leave permanent scarring on your skin. In order to prevent possible scarrings on your wounds, you should not expose yourself to sunlight. If you really have to go outside for some reason, make sure that you apply sunscreen on your body.

You should eat healthy food that is helpful to your body which needs to reconstruct itself from the wounds. And the most important thing, irregular eating habit is already the reason why you got a tummy tuck procedure, leave it at once.

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