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Tummy Tuck Scabbing

Tummy tuck scabbing is one of the most inevitable steps in this kind of cosmetic procedure. Whether it’s aesthetic or not, a surgical operation involves incisions which will mostly result in scabbing during recovery. Tummy tuck procedures are one of the most invasive cosmetic procedures in the world. They are actually a combination of fat removal and skin lift jobs. Most candidates request multiple aesthetic procedures to get the best shape over their abdominal ara. A fat removal procedure on the abdominal area is generally supported by skin lift jobs because most candidates generally experience saggy skin after their initial fat removal procedure. However, when it comes to getting a tummy tuck procedure, some situations like scabbing can not be ignored.

Scabbing is not a bad thing because it means that your injured or wounded area on your body is healing itself by making your blood clot then become scabbing. You are supposed to have the scabbing on your scalp until your skin is completed done with its healing process. Your tummy tucked area will also have scabs on it, especially around your stitched areas. Everyone knows scabbing looks so annoying and makes people want to remove it by themselves before its complete development. This is seriously wrong and may result in terrible complications. However, the appearance is not the main reason that makes people want to remove their scabs.

Why people want to remove their scabs is associated with another complication. Itching is one of the most irritating complications seen after an invasive medical operation, especially after skin-lift jobs. People would like to scratch their scabs because they can’t stand severe itching caused by them.

However, itching over scabbing is not a bad thing. Your body is healing itself and the reaction is itching in return. You simply consult your surgeon for prescription drugs if you can’t stand further itching over your tummy tuck area.

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