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Tummy Tuck Sensation Loss

A tummy tuck is actually the combination of liposuction and skin-lift procedures. People undergo tummy tuck procedures to get a good abdominal area. Since most excess fat cells are included in the abdominal area of the people, most invasive procedures associated with fat removal surgery are tummy tucks. Despite the fact that tummy tuck procedures of today are completely safe and successful, the possible risk of complications like sensation loss can sometimes be inevitable. Tummy tuck sensation loss is not rare, but it’s really annoying.

A deep and big surgical cut on your skin may require really long time to recover itself from the wound. For example, a tummy tuck procedure involves liposuction and skin-lift jobs at the same session. That’s why people are expected to stand surgical cuts above and under the skin. Surgical cuts are done according to your body’s healing system. Your cuts are sutured together to help your body’s healing.

However, you can even feel the oldest and smallest cuts on your body. For example, you cut your finger pretty deep with a piece of glass. It may take 10 days for your finger to completely heal itself but there is always a chance that you can mentally and physically feel the cut area even years after your incident.

This is the same for tummy tuck procedures as well. A possible loss of sensation after tummy tuck is generally associated with it. During your recovery from a tummy tuck, you can feel the loss of sensation over your tummy tucked area. The time when you will get rid of this annoying situation is generally unknown but there are people who claim that they had the loss of sensation for a couple of years.

However, longer loss of sensation complication is very rare but it does happen. In order to help your body get rid of this annoying situation, you can consult your doctor and ask for prescription drugs, creams, and lotions.

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